Coaching – for Performance – no matter what you want to achieve you will find it easier with someone who is able to support and guide you.
Face Reading – Face Reading is a practical skill that can be utilized by all. Just imagine what you could do at a first meeting if you had an idea of what the person was like and how they liked to take on information. The ability to influence would increase your confidence too.

Carole Railton’s work as a Performance Coach and Communications expert has taken her all over the world and means that she has had extensive experience of a wide variety of people achieving a 95% success rate in dealing with others and understanding how they take on information.
Face Reading enables a person to consciously read and interpret facial features and the traits they predict as part of their immediate perception and in the fast moving world of business it’s not hard to see how this ability could easily give the edge when it comes to making vital business decisions.

Individual sessions can be booked

To help you prepare for interview situations, gaining confidence and bringing the best out in yourself.

To assist in guiding you through a career change or to help you explore what career might best suit you. Helping you understand how you take on information.

To help you learn more about yourself.

Personal profiles can be undertaken using photographs on a retainer basis.

Public Training Courses run 4 x times a year for details please see the Courses and Events page.

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